Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Are you into Polo ?

Polo is such as popular sport, but tends to be played more by those with deep pockets because of the high costs involved. Horse training takes so much time and bonding to the rider. But, Polo is great entertainment requiring highest levels of skill and training. There are lots of Polo videos and Polo tutorials on YouTube.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Washington Nationals

Washington Nationals – The Third Generation Senators: Washington has plenty of teams playing different professional sports and one of the most popular teams among the people of the city is the Washington Nationals that are currently playing in the Eastern Division of the National League in Major League Baseball. The current home stadium of the Washington Nationals is the Nationals Park where the team has been playing since 2008. The team derives its name from the former baseball team that was based in the city, the Washington Nationals that used the name interchangeably with the Washington Senators. The nickname of the team is The Nats that was also a former moniker of the old teams from DC. The formation of the team was in Montreal in 1969 when the Major League granted the city an expansion team and this new team was known as the Montreal Expos. However, when the Expos began to sell their best players in 2001, the interest in the team began to recede and the League considered revoking the franchise rights but decided to relocate the team to Washington, which did not have a team in the League after the Senators moved to Texas to become the Rangers. The Washington Nationals have only one Division championship to their name till date.

Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals – In Search for the Stanley Cup: The Washington Capitals are a professional team playing ice hockey from the capital city of the United States of America, Washington DC. The Washington Capitals belong to the Southeastern Division in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League or the NHL. The team, founded in 1974 is nicknamed The Caps and has been the winner of the Conference title on one occasion that got them the right to play in the final of the Stanley Cup in 1998 but they lost out on the trophy. The Washington Capitals have also won 7 titles in the Division as well. The Capitals play their home games at the Verizon Center where they shifted to in 1999 after spending 25 years in the famous Capital Centre. The current owner of the team is Ted Leonsis since 1999 and he has made whole sale changes in the team bringing in star players and hiring Bruce Boudreau as coach to capture the elusive Stanley Cup. The Washington Capitals won their first ever President’s Cup in the 2010 season, stacking up a pints tally that is a record in terms of the regular season. But the next target of the team remains victory in the Stanley Cup.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Softball kit notes

Softball kit: The game of Softball is just similar to the game of Baseball. But, it has to be kept in mind Softball and baseballs are two separate games. Like other games, the game of Softball also requires some equipments and accessories. The popular brands which manufacture Softball items are Nike, De Marini, Adidas, Anderson, Rawlings, and Mizuno. Bats for the particular sports are available in different designs and textures.

The popular bats which are used by the professional Softball players are Synergy, De Martini, Rocket tech, TPS Xenos. Different colors of bats are available. The shades vary form one brand to another. An individual must select a Softball bat according to his or her height and weight. Some people prefer to play with a heavy bat while some prefers to play the game with a light weight bat. The choice varies form one person to another.

The price of the bats varies from $200 to $300. Separate Softball foot wears are manufactured by the leading sports brands. Small spikes are given in these boots to offer a good grip on the field. The price ranges fro $60 to $120. Gloves are required for the game of Softball. The gloves are made of synthetic material with thick padding to give a proper safety to the player. Helmets ad catching gears are also required for Softball. Moreover safety comes first in any sorts of game. Thick inner padding and ear guards are given in the Softball helmets. Grills are also given to protect the face portion of an individual. The catching gear consists of a chest guard, arm guard and shin guard. Grills of the Softball helmets are detachable. The helmets are available in different shades. The price of the helmets varies form $19 to $50. Some player does not use the face guard. They can buy the Softball helmets which are devoid of the grills.

Accessories required for Baseball

Accessories required for Baseball: Certain equipments are needed for the game of Baseball. The game is one of the most popular sports of America. Other than America, the game of Baseball is also played in other parts of the world. The basic stuffs which are required for this particular sport are balls, gloves and bats. The designs and materials of the above mentioned equipments are changing year after year. During the early days of Baseball, there were no gloves available.

The player had to play the particular game without the gloves that is they had to play completely bare handed. Then the gloves were implemented to the particular game. The gloves which were used initially were of very thin quality. There was hardly any padding in the gloves. They were just a mere guard for the palms. So, high injury chances were present. The gloves at that time were designed in such a manner that they only covered the palms of the players.

The present days Baseball gloves which are available in market are much safe and are of different designs. These gloves have very thick padding and different position players have different styles of gloves. Moreover, the gloves are much safer than the previous ones and thus the injury chances are very little. Previously the bases which were used for the game of Baseball were made of hard flat rocks. In that case the players got hurt almost one every dives. Nowadays the bases are made of soft sand material. Generally, soft sacks of sands are used for the bases. So, the players do not get hurt all the time.

Safety gear like helmets and other guard are also required. The helmets also have a front grill on them so that the ball does not hurt the face. Earflaps are also included in the helmets. Earlier, the players had to play Baseball without the safety gears. In the year 1952, first time Baseball helmets were used by the Pittsburgh Pirates team. Baseball and bats for Baseball are the main items of the game.

A Guide to Swimming Gear

A Guide to Swimming Gear: Swimming is a very popular sport and is one such sport that is practices almost all over the world. Competitive swimming has been radically changed with the introduction of new technology and greater know how about the various aspects. A swimmer has to pay attention towards keeping himself fit as well as keeping himself updated on the latest swimming gear and newest technological advances in this field.

Swimwear and Safety - Wetsuits and Drysuits: There are various kinds of swimwear suited for the particular type of swimming. Generally dry suits are used by people who indulge in underwater activities since the dry suit provides better heat insulation, so the diver can dive in cold waters easily. Another advantage of dry suits is that it can resist pressure changes more that wet suits can and dry suits are made of water repellant fibers. The downside is they are mostly very uncomfortable and the price is higher than wet suits. Dry suits protect the entire body of the swimmer excluding the head and the hands.

On the other hands, wetsuits are used by people who are engaged in water sports on the surface of the water. The suits are made of very light weight synthetic materials and they are less costly than dry suits. Wet suits offer lesser thermal insulation and hence it is not recommended for activities in cold waters. However, there are air pockets in the suit which provide a bit of insulation. Swimwear and Safety - Wetsuits and Dry suits is a very vast topic and there are many options to choose from, the beginner is advised to go through all the options and select the type of swim suit best suited for the individual need.

Equipment Required For The Game Of Tennis

Equipment Required For The Game Of Tennis: The Game of tennis requires certain equipment and the cost of the items are also not very high. The game is played almost in part of the world and is one of the popular sports. The items that an individual requires before beginning the game are a racquet, sport shoes, few balls. For dressing purpose one must a loose fitting comfortable sports t-shirts and shorts. There many brands which supply tennis items. In the early days an individual do not require to buy high profile and costly stuffs. Equipments from the basic brands are more than enough for a beginner. But, if an individual buys high profile equipments, there is no harm. Certain stuffs have to be kept in mind before choosing a particular tennis racquet.

The high price racquets are specially manufactured for the professional players who have more experiences in the particular game of tennis. The cheap racquets which are manufactured by the low profile brands are usually not made of quality products. So the cheap racquets easily get damaged. To avoid such problems, an individual must choose the beginner racquet from the major brands. After the person learns the game of tennis properly, he can change his or racquet.

The weight of the tennis racquets vary from one another. Some people prefer a heavy item while some like to play with light weight tennis racquet. So before buying the racquet, an individual must choose the right weight racquet with which he or she is comfortable. Generally the beginners are given a light weighed or extra light weighed racquet. Otherwise problem occurs during the time of play. Grip size of the tennis racquet is another important feature. A tennis racquet with exact grip size has to be selected. The size generally varies from 4 to 5 inches of length. The individual must select according to his or her palm’s size.